Thursday, September 18, 2014

Email chains

Whenever my manager or anyone sends me an email that effectively asks me to forward it to someone else to ask a question, I usually remove any reference to that part of the chain mail before sending the email forward. Apparently, not everyone does.

So here's what happened to C, a friend:

X needed some data from C, so she sent Y to ask C for said data.
C needed more information on why this data was needed, so she sent X an email asking for said information before she could provide the data.
X forwarded this email to her manager, Z, with the comment "OMG this is so frustrating why can't we get anything done?"
How do I know this? Because Z forwarded the email from X, without bothering to remove the comment above, back to C, asking for the same data, without adding any new information.

If you can make sense of this, good on you.

I don't understand people.

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